Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary!


Directions From I-83

  1. Take the 28th Street/Druid Park Lake Drive/US-1/North Avenue exit, EXIT 6-7, toward US-40.
  2. Take the 28th Street/Druid Park Lake Drive exit, EXIT 7A-B, on the left.
  3. Keep right to take the 28th Street ramp.
  4. Merge onto W 28th St.
  5. Turn left onto N Charles St/MD-139.
  6. Turn right onto E 39th St.
  7. Take the 3rd left onto Saint Paul St.
  8. Turn right onto E Highfield Rd. Take the 1st right onto Greenway.
    Take the 1st left onto Lambeth Rd.

    229 LAMBETH RD is on the right.