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Community garden bulldozed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

On the afternoon of September 19, 2012, community gardener Ellen Crist stopped by her plot to pick some late summer vegetables for dinner and found that the garden had disappeared. A local nonprofit organization, Green Urban Initiative, had built the … Continue reading

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Refugee Farmer Project.

Farmers of all cultures and backgrounds tend to share a culture of reciprocity: since the work of growing ebbs and flows throughout the season, farmers often pool their efforts during busy times. Under the US’s Fair Labor Standards Act, however,┬ávolunteer … Continue reading

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City of Philadelphia threatens to sue guerrilla gardener for trespass.

View more videos at: The City of Philadelphia has threatened to sue city businessman Ori Feibush for trespass after he spent $20,000 of his own money to beautify a trash-filled city-owned vacant lot next to his business, without city … Continue reading

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Adverse Possession.

Adverse possession is a legal tool through which a person or organization gains title to land by, essentially, squatting on that land. The elements of adverse possession are slightly different in each state, but most states require that the squatter’s … Continue reading

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