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Gardening in publicly owned parkways.

By now, most people with an interest in urban agriculture have seen this Ted Talk boasting over 1 million views, given by Los Angeles guerrilla gardener Ron Finley. In 2011, according to this LA Times article, Mr. Finley received a … Continue reading

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Land Security for Community Open Spaces.

As discussed in a previous post, CLC attorneys and interns have been cross-checking Baltimore City’s Adopted Lot list against the list of properties that are currently for sale under the City’s Vacants to Value program. In the spring, CLC found … Continue reading

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City of Philadelphia threatens to sue guerrilla gardener for trespass.

View more videos at: The City of Philadelphia has threatened to sue city businessman Ori Feibush for trespass after he spent $20,000 of his own money to beautify a trash-filled city-owned vacant lot next to his business, without city … Continue reading

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Licenses & easements.

When we left Novella yesterday, she had just spoken with the owner of the large lot on which she had dug and planted a garden, without his permission. The man saw her work on his property and told her: “Garden … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Gardening & Trespass

You may have heard of Novella Carpenter, an urban farmer with a small city lot in a particularly gritty part of Oakland, California. She wrote a great book called Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer, which is a … Continue reading

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How could anyone, when informed about what CLC does, not support it financially? We are helping to build the economic strength of low-income communities that lack the financial resources to pay for private legal representation. CLC makes an important and unique contribution to the region as it demonstrates its expertise and effectiveness in using the law to overcome or mitigate many of the social, economic, and environmental problems that plague low-income neighborhoods.

Joanne Nathans, Community Law Center Board Member