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Senate Bill to Provide Incentives for Supermarkets to Move into Baltimore’s “Food Deserts”

Check out this blog post, written by a Community Law Center volunteer, about the Senate Bill authorizing a tax credit in Baltimore City for supermarkets that move into the city’s most food-insecure neighborhoods.

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Urban Agriculture Property Tax Credit in Baltimore City: First Reader Committee Meeting at City Hall

In a public hearing before the Taxation, Finance and Economic Development Committee, members of Baltimore’s City Council heard discussion about the proposed Council Bill 14-0420 to implement an urban agriculture property tax credit. Councilmember William “Pete” Welch and others introduced … Continue reading

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Maryland State Legislature Passes New Urban Agriculture Tax Credit Bill

On April 5, 2014, the Maryland General Assembly passed the “Property Tax Credit – Urban Agricultural Property” bill authorizing Maryland counties and the City of Baltimore to implement a property tax credit for urban land used for agricultural purposes. The … Continue reading

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Urban Agriculture Tax Credit.

In 2010, the state of Maryland adopted a bill that authorized the city council of Baltimore City and any county to approve a tax credit for property used for “urban agricultural purposes.” Note: Baltimore City is an “independent city,” which … Continue reading

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How could anyone, when informed about what CLC does, not support it financially? We are helping to build the economic strength of low-income communities that lack the financial resources to pay for private legal representation. CLC makes an important and unique contribution to the region as it demonstrates its expertise and effectiveness in using the law to overcome or mitigate many of the social, economic, and environmental problems that plague low-income neighborhoods.

Joanne Nathans, Community Law Center Board Member