Mission and History


Community Law Center, a nonprofit law firm, provides legal services to community and nonprofit organizations throughout Maryland to promote stronger nonprofits and more vibrant neighborhoods.

Community Law Center is Maryland’s only legal services organization dedicated solely to strengthening neighborhoods and the nonprofit sector.  We seek partnerships with community organizers, nonprofits, businesses, law enforcement, educators, and governmental agencies to realize each client’s strategic goals.  With staff attorneys and over 425 volunteer attorneys, Community Law Center is equipped to provide representation to neighborhoods and nonprofits for all of their legal needs.

Community Law Center empowers communities and nonprofits that lack the financial resources to pay for private legal representation.  Community Law Center makes an important and unique contribution to the region as it utilizes its expertise and effectiveness in using the law to overcome or mitigate many of the social, economic, and environmental problems that plague neighborhoods.   Through our programs, we have assisted in the formation and growth of hundreds of community associations and nonprofits, facilitated the revitalization of blighted land and vacant structures, reduced crime and nuisance activities stemming from residential and commercial properties, and helped communities and nonprofits accomplish their goals and achieve their missions.


Community Law Center was founded in 1986 by a group of lawyers and community organizers who saw the need for residents in Baltimore City to band together and advocate effectively for their neighborhoods.

Community Law Center Timeline