Annual Reports, 990s, and Audits

Annual Reports

Community Law Center publishes an annual report each year, highlighting its accomplishments, recognizing its donors and volunteers, and providing a financial snapshot of the organization for the public.

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report


In compliance with IRS regulations, Community Law Center submits a Form 990 on an annual basis.

2017 Form 990

2016 Form 990

2015 Form 990

2014 Form 990

2013 Form 990

2012 Form 990

2011 Form 990

2010 Form 990


Community Law Center contracts with an independent auditor to conduct an audit of the organization’s finances on an annual basis.

2017 Audit

2016 Audit

2015 Audit

2014 Audit

2013 Audit

2012 Audit

2011 Audit

2010 Audit

Reviews by the public on Great Nonprofits

Community Law Center is open for review by the public on the Great Nonprofits site. Read our terrific reviews from donors, clients, volunteers, board members, and the general public.

GuideStar Exchange SealGuideStar Exchange Member

Community Law Center received the GuideStar Exchange Seal, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc., the premier source of nonprofit information. The Seal demonstrates to Community Law Center’s vast support-base our deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.