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Wendell Berry & Economy.

[L]and and people have suffered together, as invariably they must. Under the rule of industrial economics, the land, our country, has been pillaged for the enrichment, supposedly, of those humans who have claimed the right to own or exploit it … Continue reading

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Ghost Town Farm: A Zoning Law Case Study.

We last left Novella with a license┬áto garden in the vacant lot next door to her apartment. Over the next few years, however, ownership of the lot changed hands several times. Each time the lot passed from one person to … Continue reading

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Chickens in Baltimore: UPDATE!

We’ll come back to Novella’s plight very soon, but first — Baltimore’s chicken ordinance was recently updated. Here are the new rules: No more than 4 chickens may be kept on lots less than 2000 square feet. On lots┬álarger than … Continue reading

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Licenses & easements.

When we left Novella yesterday, she had just spoken with the owner of the large lot on which she had dug and planted a garden, without his permission. The man saw her work on his property and told her: “Garden … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Gardening & Trespass

You may have heard of Novella Carpenter, an urban farmer with a small city lot in a particularly gritty part of Oakland, California. She wrote a great book called Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer, which is a … Continue reading

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